June 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL, USA

NSF Student Travel Award

IEEE/ACM CHASE 2023 with NSF travel grant is expected to support up to 20 students to participant in this conference. This award is to recognize students who have strong academic background and research potentials in the field of Connected Health, as demonstrated by their coursework and/or research experience.

Eligibility Criteria:

Funds from this award will in part cover or assist with the attendance expenses for two categories of students. Students from US-based institutions are encouraged to apply.
Graduate students who have accepted regular/poster/demo papers at the conference with strong reviewer scores and a strong letter of recommendation from their advisor.
Junior graduate , undergraduate, and senior high school students who are not yet at the stage to have their own conference papers to be presented at the conference; however, they have demonstrated a very strong academic background (GPA > 3.5) and have at least one strong letter of recommendation.
Students with accepted papers will have the priority to receive the award. Women and members of underrepresented minorities are highly encouraged to apply. Each institution is limited to three awards. Postdoctoral researchers are not eligible to this scholarship.
Amount of Award: ~ $600, depending on the award budget and applicant location.

How to Apply:

Submit to the Student Travel Scholarship chair, Dr. Hua Fang at, along with a *single* pdf file of:
> a cover letter from the student applicant,
> the student's curriculum vitae,
> a recommendation letter from the student's advisor, and
> the notification of the accepted paper if applicable.
The cover letter from the student should indicate why the student believes he or she would benefit from attending the IEEE/ACM CHASE'23 conference, briefly summarize research interests and accomplishments to date, describe the areas reflected in the CHASE 2023 program that would impact the student's research, indicate gender, nationality (U.S. applicants including U.S. citizens and permanent residents, or non-U.S. applicants), and if U.S. applicants, indicate ethnicity. The letter from the student's advisor would indicate why he or she believes the student would benefit from attending the conference and share opinions about the strengths and potential research contributions of the student. The student's advisor must make a commitment in the letter to cover the remaining travel expenses for the student to attend the conference.

Important Dates

Recipient Notification:

Awardees will receive the email notification from the conference. Award recipients need to confirm the acceptance of this award before the award acceptance deadline. The award recognition session will be held at the conference. Recipients will receive the award in the format of conference travel reimbursement.

Additional Notes:

Acknowledge the CHASE support for information on formatting acknowledgments as following: “This research was funded by NSF-supported travel award to IEEE/ACM CHASE 2023”.