June 21-23, 2023 | Orlando, FL, USA

Call for Poster and Demo Submission

IEEE/ACM CHASE is a leading international conference in the field of connected health. It aims at bringing together researchers worldwide working in the smart and connected health area to exchange innovative ideas and develop collaborations. Connected health can be defined as the use of Internet, sensing, communications and intelligent techniques in support of health related Applications, Systems and Engineering. Connected health brings together multidisciplinary technologies to provide preventive or remote treatments by utilizing digital heath information structure such as body sensor networks and intelligent techniques such as from Data to Knowledge to Decisions, while at the same time connecting patient and caregivers seamlessly in the loop of the healthcare ecosystem. Future Connected health will be realized by providing rich medical information to each individual through replacing infrequent, clinic-based measurements with unobtrusive, continuous sensing, monitoring and assessment. Connected health technologies will enable preventive health and personalized medicine and may significantly reduce healthcare costs. 

Prospective demo and poster authors are cordially invited to submit their original contributions covering completed or ongoing work related to the connected health area. The topics include but are not limited to:

• Public health and home monitoring
• Healthcare data processing, data analytics, and data mining
• Medical imaging and image processing
• Personalized medicine and preventive treatment
• Evolutionary and longitudinal patient and disease models
• Security, privacy and trust for connected health services/applications

• Biomedical sensing and monitoring systems
• Integration of medical devices with wireless health
• Body area networks
• Implantable sensor networks
• Remote medical diagnosis systems
• Communication system or decision support system design for connected health

Engineering Technologies
• Wearable devices and wearable computing
• Smart garments/textiles
• Communication/network infrastructures and protocols
• Robotics for connected health
• Telemedicine
• Software, systems, and performance engineering for connected health

Submission Instructions

Prospective authors are invited to submit poster and demo papers. The poster and demo submissions will be up to two pages following ACM conference style. The ACM conference paper templates can be downloaded at the ACM Conference Paper Template Information Center. .Please indicate whether the submission is a poster or a demo in the title. Submitted manuscripts should be single-spaced double-column using 10-point size font on 8.5x11 inch pages, including figures, tables, and references. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed in a single-blind manner, in which the reviewers remain anonymous, while the authors are disclosed to the reviewers. The authors of accepted demo and poster papers will deliver system demonstrations and poster presentations, respectively. The demo/poster papers will be published in the conference proceedings.  The Best Poster Award and the Best Demo Award will be selected from accepted posters and demos. If the paper is accepted, at least one of the authors must register at the full rate and present it in person at the conference. Demo and poster paper submission through this link

By submitting your article to an ACM Publication, you are hereby acknowledging that you and your co-authors are subject to all ACM Publications Policies, including ACM's new Publications Policy on Research Involving Human Participants and Subjects. Alleged violations of this policy or any ACM Publications Policy will be investigated by ACM and may result in a full retraction of your paper, in addition to other potential penalties, as per ACM Publications Policy.

Please ensure that you and your co-authors obtain an ORCID ID, so you can complete the publishing process for your accepted paper. ACM has been involved in ORCID from the start and we have recently made a commitment to collect ORCID IDs from all of our published authors. The collection process has started and will roll out as a requirement throughout 2023. We are committed to improve author discoverability, ensure proper attribution and contribute to ongoing community efforts around name normalization; your ORCID ID will help in these efforts.

Posters and Demos Chairs

Amanda Watson, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Meiyi Ma, Vanderbilt University, USA

Important Dates

Accepted Demos and Posters

1. Demo: P-Fall: Personalization Pipeline for Fall Detection 
Authors: Anne H. Ngu, Awatif Yasmin, Tarek Mahmud (Texas State University); Adnan Mahmood (Department of Computing, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia); Quan Z. Sheng (Department of Computing, Macquarie University)
2. Tala Box: an Interactive Embedded System to Accompany Patients with Cognitive Disorders (Poster)
Authors: Celia Sanchez-Giron Coca (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Paris, France); Luc Perera (École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris, France); Mathis Boiteau (ENSIIE, Evry, France); Antoine Costanza, Jérôme Grison (Lycée Monge, Savigny-sur-Orge, France); Emmanuel Sarnette, Michèle Kanhonou, Frédéric Fauberteau, Nga Nguyen (Léonard de Vinci Pôle Universitaire, Paris, France); Pierre Jouvelot (Mines Paris, PSL University, Paris, France)
3. Foot-Floor Friction Based Walking Surface Detection for Fall Prevention Using Wearable Motion Sensors
Authors: Shuangquan Wang (Salisbury University); Gang Zhou (William & Mary)
4. Demo: Addressing Inter-Intra Patient Variability via Personalized Meta-Federated Learning in IoT-Enabled Health Monitoring
Authors: Zhenge Jia, Yiyu Shi (University of Notre Dame)
5. Poster of Highly Nonlinear Solitary Wave Transducers for Detecting Eye Pressure Changes
Authors: Madison Hodgson, Samuel J. Dickerson, Piervincenzo Rizzo (University of Pittsburgh)
6. Machine Learning based Real Time Detection of Freezing of Gait of Parkinson Patients Running on a Body Worn Device
Authors: Ali Haddadi Esfahani (M.Sc.); Peter Langendörfer (Prof. Dr.); Oliver Maye, Max Frohberg ; Michael Jöbges (Prof. Dr. med.); Maria Speh 
7. Poster: A Distributed Deep Reinforcement Learning System for Medical Image Segmentation
Authors: Lanyu Xu (Oakland University)
8. Poster: Virtual Reality Exergame for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Using Smart Wearable Sensors
Authors: Lauren Baron, Vuthea Chheang (Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA); Amit Chaudhari (Center for Composite Materials, Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA); Arooj Liaqat, Aishwarya Chandrasekaran, Yufan Wang (Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA); Joshua Cashaback (Department of Biomedical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA); Erik Thostenson (Center for Composite Materials, Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA); Roghayeh Barmaki (Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE, USA)
9. Poster: Rapid Detection of Penetration-Aspiration from Fluoroscopic Videos of Dysphagia Patients
Authors: Sanjeevi G, Uma Gopalakrishnan, Rahul Krishnan Pathinarupothi (Center for Wireless Networks & Applications (WNA), Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, India); Arya CJ, Subramania Iyer K (Department of Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, India)
10. Design of a Music Intervention System Using Social Robotics for Cognitive Enhancement
Authors: Tyler Morris (The University of Tennessee); Darina V. Petrovsky (Rutgers School of Nursing); Sai Swaminathan, Xiaopeng Zhao (The University of Tennessee)
11. Measuring Children’s Gait Quality Using Artificial Intelligence: an Exploratory Study
Authors: Étienne Lescarbeault (Polytechnique Montréal); Laurent Ballaz (Université du Québec à Montréal); Abolfazl Mohebbi (Polytechnique Montréal)
12. Poster: Design of Mixed Reality Dangerous Situations for Autistic Children: Road Safety
Authors: Ross Niswanger, Kewei Sha (University of Houston - Clear Lake); Dorothea C Lerman (University of Houston - Clearl Lake)
13. Poster: Towards Robust, Extensible, and Scalable Home Sensing Data Collection
Authors: Mohammed Elbadry, Mengjing Liu, Yindong Hua, Zongxing Xie, Fan Ye (Stony Brook University)
14. Poster: Practical Comparison of Two Fully Homomorphic Encryption Schemes that enable Privacy-Preserving Aggregation in Federated Learning using Health Care and Medical Data
Authors: Rickard Brännvall (RISE Research Institutes of Sweden)
15. Poster Abstract: Quantifying Signal Quality Using Autoencoder for Robust RF-based Respiration Monitoring
Authors: Zongxing Xie, Ava Nederlander, Isac Park, Fan Ye (Stony Brook University)
16. Poster: Enabling Data Interoperability for Decentralized, Smart and Connected Health Apps
17. Poster - Development of a Custom Wrist Wearable for Use in Nursing Homes
Authors: Johnathan Frech, John Naber, Douglas Jackson (University of Louisville)
18. Poster: BioFactCheck: Exploring the Feasibility of Explainable Automated Inconsistency Detection in Biomedical and Health
Authors: Prajwol Lamichhane, Indika Kahanda, Xudong Liu, Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sandeep Reddivari, Catherine Christie, Andrea Arikawa, Jenifer Ross (University of North Florida)
19. AsyncFedKD: Asynchronous Federated Learning with Knowledge Distillation
Authors: Malik Naik Mohammed, Xinyue Zhang (Kennesaw State University); Maria Valero (Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, Georgia, USA); Ying Xie (Kennesaw State University)
20. Affordable Automatic Air Quality Monitoring System for At-risk Homes
Authors: Bryceton Bible (University of Tennessee); Bruce Tonn (Three3, Inc.); Kristina Kintziger (University of Nebraska Medical Center); Kelsey Ellis, Jennifer First (University of Tennessee); Laura Humphrey, Erin Rose (Three3, Inc.); Xiaopeng Zhao (University of Tennessee)
21. Noninvasive Respirator Fit Factor Inference by Semi-Supervised Learning
Authors: Jinmiao Chen, Zhaohe Zhang, Shangqing Zhao, Song Fang (University of Oklahoma); Thomas M. Peters (University of Iowa); Evan L. Floyd, Changjie Cai (The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center)
22. A Low-cost Thermal Imaging IoT for Contagious Disease Monitoring
Authors: Bowen Dong, Ryan Wood, Ye Sun (University of Virginia)
23. Probing the EHR for Standardized Nursing Data (poster submission)
Authors: Baris Karacan, Andrew D. Boyd, Karen Dunn Lopez, Pamela Martyn-Nemeth, Daniel Fraczkowski, Zenaida Joson, Haleh Vatani, Carolyn Dickens, Barbara Di Eugenio (University of Illinois Chicago)
24. Poster: Automatic Compliance Analysis on Clinical Notes and Lifestyle Guidelines in Cancer Survivorship
Authors: Yujia Hou, Javed Mostafa (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)